Computed Metric

When and how to add a computed metric on Locale

Computed metric

Through this metric, the user can perform various operations on the base metrics like adding them or subtracting them. It is important to note that the computed metric will change if the base metrics are changed by adding or removing filters. It will help the user better understand the relationship between the metrics.

Users can also create computed metrics using metrics of users, bikes, and so on, i.e. metrics across various entities. For example, if you want to find out revenue per bike, trips per bike, and so on.

For example, we can create the churn metric by using bookings and searches, i.e bookings-searches

How to add a computed metric

Set up

  • Navigate to the selected dashboard and click the Edit Console button to enable editing mode, which allows the user to add a metric.

  • In the Metric studio, click on the Add New Metric.

  • When the window appears, select Metric Type to begin visualizing the specified metric. In this case, we select the Computed Metric.

β½₯Required Fields

  • Metric Name

  • Formula: The users have to enter the operation or the formula that they want to perform on the metrics. For example: Churn = Bookings - Searchers or Revenue/User

If you update the existing metric by adding or deleting filters, the change will be reflected in the computed metric.

🧭 Example

In order to create a metric that shows how many user cancellations have occurred, we provide the following entries:

  • Metric Name - Churn

  • Formula - Searches - Bookings

✨Note: The users can currently create this metric for two or metrics only. In the future updates you will be able to perform calculations on a single metric as well.

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