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How to specify the time period?

In order to specify the time period,
  • First, expand the time series option.
  • Click on the time range option.
  • Here you can specify any time period that you wish to view.
Here are the following options you can choose from:
  • Today
    • Here you can view the data from anywhere between the Last 24 Hours to the Last 15 Minutes.
  • Yesterday
  • Last 2 Days
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 60 Days
You can also specify a custom period if the above options do not fit your use case. There are two ways to do that:
  • Directly enter the dates in the fields specified in MM DD YYYY format. For example, if you want to view the data from 16th January 2020 to 25th January 2020, then enter Jan 16 2020 → Jan 25 2020.