Steps to integrate BigQuery with

You can use a BigQuery table to send your data directly to the platform. Here's how it's done.

Basic Requirements

  • Download the client_secrets.json file for your service account

  • The required parameters is at least one stream (one BigQuery table/view) to copy.

    • It is not a recommended BigQuery practice to use * to specify the columns as it may blow up the cost for a table with a large number of columns.

    • filters to restrict data being only sent for certain categories or cities

  • start_datetime the date after which you want Locale to pick up data from

The table/view is expected to have a column to indicate the creation or update date and time so the tap sends the query with ORDER BY and use the column to record the bookmark

Integration Steps

1. Select the type of entity you want to create.

2. In the data source selection step select BigQuery.

3. Connection and Authentication

It is recommended to use Locale with a service account.

Download the client_secrets.json file for your service account, and set up the credentials Follow the basic requirements section above and fill in the required details.

4. Hang tight while we set up your integration and check for errors.

5. Upload a sample file to configure your data.

6. Configure the columns from your data along with their type according to our data standards.

7. Monitor the jobs that refresh each table and gives you details of rows processed, validations, and errors

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