Shape filters

This page will tell you all about shape filters, which is a neat, easy-to-use tool to help you find, identify, locate and analyze specific areas according to your needs.

Definition and overview:

Shape filters are a handy tool to draw shapes according to your need and to extract all the insights from the area enclosed within the space you select. These are similar to your overlays and service area boundaries, but an added advantage of these are being able to create these shapes on the fly without saving anything!

Using shape filters, the user can get a 360-degree view of all the metrics associated with the given area/hexes enclosed within the shape. This allows for clear visual representation and timely decision-making. For an operations manager, this would translate to the ability to look at different metrics, make a custom shape over the area that needs focus, and use the entity lookup to view all the desired metrics.

For operations and logistics managers in diverse segments, be it mobility, logistics or hyperlocal delivery, shape filters will help you focus on areas that need concern and take targeted actions.

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