Enter Condition for areas

Enter conditions and thresholds for metrics in your dynamic clusters

In order to set up the workflow, the users have to choose the dynamic cluster and enter the conditions for metrics.

Here's how to fill the conditions:


Here we can choose all the metrics that we want to set thresholds for.

πŸ’‘ Note: The users can choose only the metrics that are part of the dynamic cluster chosen.

Time Range

We have to set the condition during which the condition will be checked. For example, in the last 15 minutes if the metric value is greater than 100. The users can choose between.

  • Same as cluster time - Because this is a dynamic cluster, whatever time condition is set for the clusters will be used here. For instance, if you selected the last two days when creating the cluster, the same condition will be reflected here.

  • Last 15 minutes

  • Last 30 minutes

  • Last 45 minutes

  • Last 1 hour


Here, users can select one of the following conditions:

  • Greater than

  • Lesser than

  • Greater than equal to

  • Lesser than equal to

  • Equals to

These are essentially used to set up a condition for the threshold.


Users are supposed to enter the threshold value for which they want to check the condition here. Metric value greater than 500, Metric value less than 1.5, and so on.

The users can click on "Add Another Metric Condition" in order to add more conditions.

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