Routes Analysis

Understanding to and fro movements between any two points

⬣ Introduction

This console helps us visualize and analyze the to and fro movements between any two points. This movement could be anything; trips, delivery, shipments or just your workforce depending on the specific needs of your industry and your company.

❓What problems can I solve with Routes Analysis?

πŸ’¬ Routes Analysis can help us answer questions like:

  • What are the repeating travel patterns of our power users and how can we incentivize the same?

  • What are the movement patterns of our delivery executives and how to nudge them to ensure quicker deliveries?

  • Which routes are associated with frequent delays? How does that relate to customer complaints?

  • What is the route wise cost for per shipment across different areas or warehouses and how can we optimize the same?

  • What are the routes with the most deadheads?

  • How can we increase user acquisition along specific routes?

If you find yourself asking questions similar to these, you can use Routes Analysis to find answers to these question as well as to experiment and test your hypotheses on the same.

More information on the use cases for mobility and hyperlocal delivery businesses can be found here:

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