Insights from Routes Analysis

What insights can you get from Routes Analysis?

Routes Analysis can provide information about the behavior of various routes at any given time of the day, day of the week, or month of the year. This can help you find patterns in your daily to and fro movements.

Through routes analysis, you can get insights about:

  • Routes of concern

  • Routes that are performing well

  • Routes with the most number of orders

  • Routes where most delays happen

  • Routes that are bringing in the most revenue

  • Routes with the least number of bookings

  • Routes where most cancelations are happening

  • Repeatable travel patterns of your power users

In a nutshell, any important business metric's or KPI's performance in any particular route can be measured using routes analysis!

You can add your teammates and discuss on further actioning or direct them to take a specific action. When you click anywhere on the map, a host of options open up. If you click on the second option which is ADD COMMENT, you can add a comment there. Use @ to tag a colleague who is on the platform. Once you do this, it will show up in their notifications on the dashboard and they'll also receive an email regarding the same.

These dashboards and metrics can be customized based on your industry. Click here to learn more about Locale's actionability and collaborative capabilities:

This will allow you to make targeted decisions and ensure that the overall business health of the company is maintained. Through these insights, you can,

  • Run experiments on the ground - Incentive campaigns, discounts for users, opening new stations, closing down warehouses, boosters for your delivery partners, and so on.

  • Set up workflows

  • Create clusters of your focus areas, problematic areas, and well-performing areas to monitor them.

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