Dive deeper into your business entities with cohorts

These are powerful consoles that provide a more in-depth look at your business metrics at the individual entity level.

What are Cohorts?

Cohorts let you view your data on a Business Entity level (users, drivers, bikes, etc) in a tabular form. For example, you can now easily see:

  1. Worst/Best performing drivers/vehicles in the last 60days.

  2. Lowest/Highest revenue-generating users in the last week

  3. Lowest/Highest revenue-generating orders and so on

  4. The Number of trips taken by the users and so on.

But, what are entities?

Entities are any moving or stationary component in your business with a location & time component. For instance:

  • Orders

  • Riders or Delivery fleet

  • Users

  • Stores or Warehouses, and so on.

Internally, they are used to define the relationships between data sources.

Let's create our own Cohorts right now, shall we?

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