Allow us to show you around shape filters and how to use them

How to get started? Just click on the shape filters option on the top bar, click on Create new shape and start drawing the shape(rectangle or polygon) over your maps. You will be able to add names to these areas or create clusters out of them.

  • You just need to place and left-click on your cursor at the points you want to be included in your shape. Once you make a closed figure, the shape will be complete.

  • Left a point which you wanted to be included in the shape? No worries! You can click and drag the points after you complete a shape and edit the shape as per your needs.

Once you draw shapes and click on Apply, the metrics will automatically show values for only the specific area. Let's see how you can actually do this:

When you are done drawing the shapes, you will see the different shapes in an aggregate form. Aggregated here means that the shape includes information of all the areas(hexes) enclosed in the respective shape. You can also toggle filter areas on, to view the individual hex information within the various shapes. You can change the options by clicking on the 'shape filters' tab at the top and toggling on the option of your choice.

Click on the shape and go to 'show properties' to see the entity lookup for the respective shape. Entity lookup shows you all the different metrics, arranged in descending order of values. You can easily add/subtract entities that you wish to see.

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