Getting started with Heat Maps

Understanding how to set up the Heat Maps console

πŸ†How to get started with Heat Maps?

To create the heat maps console, navigate to the consoles section on the left side of the screen. Here are the steps to take once the console listing window has opened:

  • Click on the "Create" button on the top right.

  • Choose the "Heat Maps" option on the dialog box that opens.

  • Click on the "Create" button in that dialog box.

You can view all previously generated Heat Maps by selecting Consoles -> Heat Maps.

πŸ•Ή Setting up the console

The first step is to select the location or area for which you want to create the console for. It could be a neighborhood, a street, a district, a county, or a city.

For example, Bangalore, New York, Dubai, Bronx park, Amsterdam airport, and so on

You can only work with areas whose data has been uploaded to the platform. If any other area is selected, the console displays a warning stating which says unable to find city data for this location.

After that, in order to create or add anything to the console, the user needs to enable editing mode by clicking on the β€œEDIT CONSOLE” button.

Let us now see how to create metrics and add filters to perform analyses on Locale:


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