Area Clusters

Identify areas with specific behaviours

⬣ Introduction

clus·​ter | \ ˈklΙ™-stΙ™r \ | Noun

a number of similar things that occur together (Merriam Webster)

This feature on the platform allows us to keep track of areas that may exhibit common characteristics or similar patterns. We can combine different filters to identify such areas and analyze them over a certain time period.

This feature can be leveraged to monitor and take actions on:

  • Problematic Areas

  • Well-performing Areas

  • Areas that contribute to certain important KPIs, and so on

❓What problems can I solve with Area Clusters?

Area Clusters can be used to monitor and take action on focus areas filtered by combining different metrics.

Click here to learn more about metrics and what they are:


πŸ’¬ Area Clusters help us answer questions like:

  • What is the churn percentage in areas with high idle time?

  • Where are my users with high average revenue but a low conversion rate coming from?

  • What are the areas with high number of app installs but low number of bookings?

  • What are the areas with high delays and low revenue?

  • In the last week, what are the areas with top 20% median idle time and less than 100 bookings?

  • What are the areas with a low number of good searches and a cancellation rate of >50%?

If you find yourself asking questions similar to these, you should use area clusters to keep a tab on these focus areas and take action on them.

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