Security and Privacy

How do we make Locale secure and reliable?

Does Locale need any sort of personally identifiable information?

No, there is no need to push any sort of personally identifiable information. Locale works well with synthetically generated IDs.

What are the data security practices in place?

Locale follows strict data security practices which include encryption of data at both - Rest and Transit with SSE-S3. Apart from this, there is a continuous audit of encryption key usage and the RDS used by Locale is also encrypted at rest.

What are the practices around data deletion?

Data will be permanently deleted from Locale’s database within 2 months of a customer’s request. This data will be non-retrievable and cannot be used by Locale for any purpose.

Is Locale GDPR compliant?

Yes, Locale is GDPR compliant. For European customers, there is a dedicated server access in Ireland where the data stays. With practices like data deletion on request, and not using PII, Locale ensures compliance to GDPR.

For more information about how we implement strong security and privacy throughout the organization and platform, read the link down below πŸ‘‡

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