Insights from Cohorts

What insights can you get from Cohorts?
Entity lookup console

Through Cohorts you can get insights at an entity level:

  • Determine which bikes to discount.
  • Send boosters to riders who have been inactive for more than x hours.
  • Figure out which delivery people are causing delays.
  • Determine which salespeople generate the most revenue.
  • Determine which bikes have a high cancellation rate.
  • Drivers with a high rate of damage/delivery.
  • Users who generate the most revenue.
  • Users who have had a high number of cancellations in the last week.
  • Determine the users who have taken the most number of rides in a month and so on
In a nutshell, analysis can be performed on your business entities(users, bikes, drivers, orders and so on) to take further action. Cohorts can be customised based on your industry.