What are workflows?

With this version of workflows, the users will be empowered to create actions and take decisions on their focus areas by setting thresholds and triggers on operational KPIs.

How is it useful to me?

To kick off this version of workflows we have enabled Slack notifications every time a certain metric on your cluster reaches a threshold value set by you.

For example,

  • The users will be notified every time, the churn percentage exceeds 30% in the last week.

  • The utilisation percentages fall below 10% in the last few hours and so on.

What's in store for future updates?

We will be working towards creating workflows that will allow you to:

  • Run intelligent pricing

  • Plan the capacity of your fleet,

  • Targeted communication and many more with Locale depending on your industry and use case.

Continue reading to learn how to create your own workflows on Locale!

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