Updating and removing boundary layers

How to update and remove boundaries on Locale?

πŸ“How to update new polygons/points to the existing boundaries?

If the boundaries, or points change over time then you can update the layers. In order to do so, click on the add/update button on the layer catalog option.

Once the add/update window opens, we have to fill the following fields after uploading the file with the new updated boundaries.

To create your own overlay files using geojson.io, click here:

✨Note: When you are updating make sure that the we are not using new types of files. i.e. you can only update new polygons to a multipolygon layer and only update new points to a multipoint layer

  • Upload the new boundary that you want to update. These could be GeoJSON or KML files.

  • For the Add shape as option:

    • If you have to add new shapes or points, choose the Append and/or Update option to the existing polygons or points.Your shapes will be appended to existing shapes list.

    • If you have new boundaries, then choose the Clear and replace option to ensure the new polygon/multipoint definitions are added.

✨Note: The users can only update the layers that have been created after the release of the feature. The layers which existed before layer catalogue cannot be updated.

Once the new boundaries are updated they are represented by a green dot and the existing boundaries are represented by a yellow dot.

✨Note: Layers whose unique IDs are auto generated can not be updated or appended and can only be replaced.

πŸ“How to remove individual polygons/points?

There are two ways to remove the polygons/points:

  1. From the map

  2. From the overlay studio

If you want to delete from the map,

  • Click on the polygon/point you want to remove

  • Choose the DELETE option

If you want to delete from the overlay studio

  • Choose the polygon/point you want to remove from the overlay studio and click on three dots.

  • Choose the DELETE option

πŸ“How to change the boundary colour:

Click on visualisation option in the geo layer studio

Select the Choose stroke colour option and select the desired colour

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