How can one plug their location data on to Locale?

Can I upload my own data to test Locale?

At this moment, uploading data to Locale is not self-serve. However, Locale runs a pilot program where companies can use Locale for a period of two months and see how it can add value to their business. To know more about this, get in touch - drop an email at

What data is required to integrate with Locale?

Locale works on raw location data with lat-long and timestamps being necessary columns. Typically, companies collect three types of data which is geotagged:

  • Users data: Collected in a marketing tool like Clevertap, Amplitude and has data of events like searches, installs, etc.

  • Supply data: Location of riders/vehicles constantly relayed back to the company via GPS or other devices.

  • Transactions data: Examples include bookings, order amounts, delivery completion information, etc.

All this data is ingested into Locale and processed in such a way that operations teams can come and find insights easily.

What format of data is supported to integrate with Locale?

Locale supports CSVs, JSON, Parquet files at the moment. Typically, data files are stored in a specific bucket in S3 or GCS or other such services by different companies. Locale has integrations built with these services which allow it to pull these files directly in Locale’s S3 bucket. In some cases, companies can also interact with Locale’s S3 bucket via secret keys and access keys and push their data in Locale’s cloud.

How much effort is it to integrate with Locale?

Typically there is low to no effort involved from the engineering teams of companies to integrate with Locale. As long as the raw data is geotagged, structured, and has the necessary columns, there is no line of code to be written. The entire processing of data happens on Locale’s end. Here is a document explaining the integration process in detail.

For more information about integration and the detailed process, you can visit the link down below:

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