About Locale.ai

A location analytics tool that powers your hyperlocal decisions and accelerates operational efficiency.

10 years ago, the collection of event data skyrocketed, and that gave rise to a new era of growth. We saw companies like Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc take advantage of it to build some of the best platforms to leverage it. This wave of product analytics led to the term Product-led-growth. It’s now time for the era of operations-led growth.

🏬 Why we built Locale.ai?

Locale was born out of a personal problemβ€”As data scientists, working on geospatial data, we didn't have an off-the-shelf location analytics product that we could use for our workflows. Drawing from those experiences, we are building a product that helps help companies implement location-based decisions to improve their operations KPIs (asset utilization, pricing, SLAs).

Imagine a world where the pace of operational analytics is similar to product analytics by marketers and PMs.

πŸ“ˆ How does Locale.ai help companies?

A typical decision-making process to get hyperlocal insights has several components to it and this is how we solve it with Locale.ai in 5 steps:

πŸ₯ Orchestration

We get your location data in one place and modules to create relevant metrics for your industry.

For example, you can create complex metrics like idle time, unfulfilled demand, and so on in just a few clicks.

πŸ’‘ Decisions

Enable decision-taking either in real-time when you need to react or more strategically when you need to analyze patterns and trends.

You can make this possible by connecting with your decisioning tools via APIs along with an intuitive frontend.

πŸ›  Analyses

We have templates for the most relevant use cases where you can visually analyze the data and slice & dice it.

For example, demand-supply gaps to analyze idle time, life cycle analysis to analyze drop-offs in different steps.

🀝 Collaboration

Analytics cannot be done in a silo. It needs to ensure that people across teams can come together to debug and implement decisions.

You can read more about this in the article down belowπŸ‘‡


Measuring Impact

Once you take your decisions, you can measure the impact of your actions and iterate. Thus closing the decision loop.

For example: How did this incentive campaign impact my key metrics? Which areas have been growing week on week?

πŸŽ₯ Case studies

We have worked with various companies across the globe and empowered the teams with the right operational insights to attain operational efficiency. You can read them hereπŸ‘‡

The best way to understand Locale is to try it out or check out the 2 min walkthrough.

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