How can we filter to different areas?

Using the legend option in the Heat Maps console

In Locale, the users can filter to different areas using the legend. The legend is used to understand the distribution and density of any metric in the map.

The leftmost end represents the lowest number, whereas the rightmost end represents the highest number.

🧭 How do I use the legend?

The legend is represented by a sliding bar. The user can move it in both directions to filter to the desired areas.

For example:

  • If you want to filter to the areas with revenue between 1 and 37.60, drag the handles around the legend and place it between the said numbers.

  • If you want to see areas with more than 88 delayed shipments, drag the left handle to 88 and the right handle to the right end.

Only the regions with these numbers will be highlighted on the map after you do this. It is depicted by the visual down below.


🌈 Can I change the legend colors?

Yes, you can change the color scheme.

  • Click on the Legend options button

  • Once the drop-down menu appears, click on the legend colors option

  • You can choose between multiple color schemes.

βž• Can I add more ranges to filter my areas?

Yes, you can do so with the bucket size option. Bucketing basically refers to the transformation of any features with numerical values into categorical features, using a set of thresholds.

By changing the bucket size, you can access different ranges. You have a range of options ranging from 2 to 20. As an example,

  • if the user has chosen 2 as their bucketing size, you will be able to see two different ranges, 1-100 and 100-200.

  • If the user has chosen 5 as their bucketing size, they will be able to see 5 different ranges, 1-40, 40-80, 80- 120, 120-160, and 160-200.

Note: Bucketing is done using different algorithms. In Locale, we offer the following options. Quantiles Logarithmic Equidistant K-Means

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